Nonny®: the Italian video communication device for seniors

The device which provides company for senior citizens is simple to use and facilitates family contacts

Nonny® is a simple video communication device designed for all those seniors who want to stay in contact with their loved ones in the easiest way possible.  An innovative system intended specifically for seniors so they can easily interact with their children and grandchildren and others, despite distance dividing them.  A video communication device developed after much study into the needs of elderly people, to help seniors live better at an age when they can feel socially isolated and when solitude and depression can threaten their health.  Nonny brings multiple benefits to the general wellbeing of seniors, keeping their minds active and enabling contacts with friends and family.

Nonny originates from the personal experience of Michele Vaccaro, who observed the problems of ageing in one of his family members.  Michele realized that the devices and applications available were limited and difficult to use for a senior, because they required a series of complicated procedures for a person having little confidence with technology and current market tools.

The strength of Nonny is encapsulated in the elimination of the superfluous: no app, no numbers or special keys, no small screens or passwords. Just a simple digital frame to touch in order to start a video call.  Discover here how easy it is to configure the device.

To help the senior user, Nonny never turns itself off:  the device never goes into stand-by and the photos of loved ones are always visible.  Nonny can also reply to calls totally automatically.  In this way it can be used without even having to be touched!  By clicking on this link you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Nonny is the new frontier in communications for seniors, offering an innovative concept of keeping contact and spending time together with the family. A device which enables seniors to be technologically autonomous and free to make a call simply by touching a photo.


Nonny is a revolutionary product because it offers seniors and those who are more fragile the possibility of staying in contact with their family, in a simple and intuitive way.  Thanks to its essential interface, all you need is to touch the photo of your contacts configured on the device to start a video call, without having to use any special buttons, keyboards or other complicated interfaces.


This video phone is also designed for the peace of mind of the younger members of the family:  Nonny advises them through the app if the battery level is low or if the number of minutes still available goes below a certain level.  To help senior users, Nonny has no stand-by function and is always ready for use:  the photos of loved ones are always visible.  For seniors who are not able to reply to calls themselves, Nonny can help by activating the automatic video call function.


It is always a problem to find a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Easter or another special occasion. Nonny is a useful device, marrying technology and practicality and is perfect to give to all seniors with whom communication at a distance is a must.  Nonny will change the way the whole family communicates, making contacts feel closer.


Aimed at reducing the difficulties seniors may have with technology to a minimum, Nonny carries out one sole task: that of offering seniors a richer social life, thanks to more visual contact and frequent sharing in family activities.  The user will not risk getting lost among apps, configurations and menus because Nonny has an essential, intuitive interface, designed to be used extremely easily.  The screen will show the photos of loved ones – just a touch on one of them is needed to start a video conversation.


Nonny guarantees absolute safety and privacy because it creates a private connection solely between those selected (family members, friends and acquaintances).  There is no space for intruders nor external risks, but only safety and privacy.

For its video communication, Nonny does not use free open-source services available on the internet, but relies on high level professional services which guarantee above all a higher level of privacy apart from providing  excellent communication quality and solidity.


Nonny originated from personal experience – seeing the difficulties seniors can have with motor functions and familiarity with technology.  For these seniors, access to and use of generic chat applications and the most widespread videocommunication tools were impractical.  According to a survey carried out by Nielsen, the video call tools on offer are too complicated, to the point of needing a third party to activate them (39% of the senior interviewees and 27% of the children/grandchildren).

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